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How to Buy Fresh Meat

There are lots of people who d not like to eat meat simply because they don’t like the taste of animal protein. But many people like me cannot live with the taste of the rich flavor of the meat. Meat is one of the best sources of preparing, just think about all the tasty dishes you can make with a sausage, bacon, T-bone meat piece and others. But it is always important to buy fresh meat from the market or online, otherwise, no dish will be tasty enough.

There is a simple way you can clearly identify a freshly cut meat batch…

Color- The color can tell you a lot about the condition of meat. The color can vary depending on the cut, the animal and also on the age of the meat. Poor handling can also be the reason for the color condition of the meat because small spot appears on the meat and affect the quality too.


Smell- You can identify a freshly cut meat by its smell too. The aging effect the smells of the meat due to the bacteria break down of the flesh. You can easily get the smell of old cut meat of the market but if the meat is packed in a vacuum package, then the changes of the smell is not a big deal.

Handling- As said before the handling process can cause the mat quality to get hampered easily so it is important to buy the batch from a place that has good handling process. The meat should be preserved in good condition so the quality stays intact and unharmed. Make sure the product feel cold, do not by meat that feels warm. Select a package that is wrapped properly without any tear or poor sealing and there is no excess liquid inside the package. It is best to buy meat with vacuum seal packaging to be on the safe side.


Lean Meats- Lean meat is obviously a better option than ordinary meat cuts because it has more protein and low calorie. To identify a slice of good lean meat check out the packages, it usually gets labeled with “round” and “loin” in the name of the cut. For example, check if the label says top round, bottom round, tenderloin, etc. when it comes to poultry meat, the breast is the lean meat and for other meats that are generally lean is buffalo, emu, ostrich, goat, and venison.

If you are planning to buy grass fed beef then it is better that you look for an online site. There are many online sites that allow you to shop from bulk boxes meat to beef starter pack and a whole lot of other kinds of meat at an affordable price, do not worry about the quality as they already check for all of these matters themselves.

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